We at PIVOT Work Spaces are taking the threat posed by the Corona Virus (Covid-19) seriously. However, we believe it is also important to keep member safety #1 not only during times of a pandemic – but all the time! As part of our commitment to the wellbeing of our members, we have taken various on-going steps to mitigate the potential contraction or spread of any Covid-19 (or any other virus) to members. Here is the list of our steps taken: 

– Sanitizing high-frequency touch points
– Providing free masks
– Free hand sanitizer 
– Providing Commercial Grade sanitizing wipes to clean or re-clean any space in which you work
– Providing disposable cups to use in place of standard ceramic mugs

In certain locations, we have also installed panels on desks to help create additional barriers to exposure to Covid-19 (or any other virus) – See picture below for example

As part of our commitment to member health & safety; We are determined to not only keep member health #1 during the duration of the pandemic; But even after the pandemic when the media coverage dies down and things begin to get back to ‘normal’; we want you to know we will continue to do our part to keep our spaces clean and healthy! To learn more about what Clarksville Commons Shopping Center is doing related to Covid-19 by clicking here (Note that all of our other locations are free standing and not part of a larger shopping complex)

We are currently accepting new members at this time for all of our locations (Catonsville, Ellicott City & Clarksville). Please let us know if we can assist you anyway, would like to learn more about our Covid-19 precaution steps or want more information on membership!

You can email us at community@pivotworkspaces.com

or call (866)-665-2503

Covid-19 Safe Office Space
Covid-19 Office Space
Covid-19 Office Space