Part of PIVOT’s strategy to create a place to work, strategize, grow & scale is to offer all of the necessary services your business may need, all under one roof! 

We also offer A La Carte services for both business and residential members. Check out our services below:

PIVOT offers Virtual Office Memberships for just $40/month that include use of our special office address, receiving of mail ( and packages), sorting, and storage in your mailbox until you come to pick-up. The office is secured via two separate doors, one with bio-metric thumb print lock and the other with numeric lock code. Coupled with video surveillance and windows secured with bars, your mail and packages are guaranteed safe until you come to pick them up!


Business Mail Service: Address, Personal Mailbox, Receiving, Sorting, Storage of USPS Mail

Receiving, Sorting and storage of up to 5 Packages a month

$40/ Month

Business Plus + Mail Service:

Address, Personal Mailbox, Receiving, Sorting, Storage of USPS Mail

Receiving, Sorting and storage of up to 25 Packages a month. 
Packing, Wrapping, Labeling and Shipping of up to 5 Packages a month completed by Community Manager. 

$100/ Month

Residential Package Service:

PIVOT will receive and store your packages securely until you come to pick them up. (Up to 30 Days)

15 Packages/ Month: $40/ Month
30 Packages Month:  $75/ Month

Small Business Logistics:

PIVOT has the ability to Manage your small scale shipping and receiving needs for any products you may be selling. PIVOT can store your items, ship them when ordered, all right within your office! Talk to PIVOT’s Small Business Team Lead for more info.

We offer meeting room rental perfect for a variety of needs and uses. 

8 Person Multi Person Room/ Area:

This area is perfect for political strategy meetings, student organizations and other high energy task driven meetings.

This area includes a 24″ Presentation TV with HDMI hookup, Full wall length white board, movable tables and collapsible chairs make this area have endless configuration possibilities.

This area also features a paper shredder, paper cutter, Amazon Alexa and several other amenities.


Half Room: $40/ Hour
Full Loft: $120/ Hour (Only Available after 6PM)


6 Person Meeting Room:

Our six person meeting room is great for small to medium meetings and conferences. This room comes equipped with a 43″ TV with Internet, HDMI Presentation and On Demand Access.

Day Rate: $60/ Hour (8AM-6PM, Mon-Fri)
After hours Rate: $35/ Hour (6PM-8AM Mon-Fri, 8AM-8PM Sat-Sun)

10 Person Meeting Room:

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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