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PIVOT is more than a Co work or place to work

PIVOT aims to change the way the world works by providing innovative, unique and producitve spaces for people to not only work but be inspired to create, innovate and grow!


Our Mission.. Support & Guide Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Professionals to success by providing productive, innovative & flexible office/work space that changes the way work is done.

How We Started.. After a semi-successful business career and many years in various co working spaces around Baltimore; PIVOT was the result of frustration over the accessibility of current co working spaces and the lack of local, small town alternatives

Our Vision… Create cozy, functional neighborhood focused co working spaces in small-medium size towns throughout Baltimore, Maryland and the United States by utilizing the brightest minds from all walks of life  – and maybe help change the world while were at it

Who We Are… 

A group of link minded souls with a mutual goal of fulfilling our mission statement and help aid the global shift in culture, life and work habits

Our Values…  
– Productivity
– Community
– Accessibility
– Growth & Sustainability 
– Security

PIVOT Member satisfaction

Based on a recent survey of PIVOT customers, on average members saw a:

1 %

In overall productivity

1 %

In overall distractions

1 %
of members

Reported being happier working at PIVOT vs. at home, the library or a coffee shop

Our Staff

Brandon Kostinsky is the captain of the PIVOT ship and oversees the overall strategy & direction of the company. Brandon also offers coaching to PIVOT members and is hands on with the management of day to day operations
Co working ellicott city
Brandon Kostinsky
Tony Logan oversees the day to day management of the PIVOT community. This includes keeping in contact with members, managing the food/drink programs, planning events & more. Tony is also a part time writer for GQ magazine and has a long entrepreneurial background.
Co Working Catonsville
Tony Logan
Community Management Director
Alex has been with PIVOT since opening in 2018 and manages the daily back-end operations of the business. He has a masters in anthropology and accounting
Alex Poon
Director of Operations

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”

― Steve Jobs