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PIVOT offers flexible shared office space (co-working space) in Ellicott City, Catonsville & Clarksville with all the amenities & productivity tools you need to succeed and be productive; All at one low price & with no leases or contracts. PIVOT is great for freelancers, business professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, those who work from home and anyone else who needs modern, flexible office space without the long-term commitment or steep prices of typical office buildings or the hassle of a membership to a downtown co working space

Who we are

PIVOT is a group of entrepreneurs & freelancers focused on creating the absolute best work spaces and offices in the area

Uber Amenities

We feature dozens of productivity tools and amenities to help you work efficiently & effectively; And sometimes haveĀ  a little fun while your at it!

PIVOT Member satisfaction

Based on a recent survey of PIVOT customers, on average members saw a:

1 %

In overall distractions

1 %

In overall productivity

1 %
of members

Reported being happier working at PIVOT vs. at home, the library or a coffee shop