Co Working Space MEMBERSHIPS Plans

No Leases or Contracts

Cancel your membership at anytime with just 1 month notice required!

Upgrade or downgrade anytime

You can upgrade or downgrade your co working space membership YOURSELF anytime you would like through your online member portal!

Start right away

You can start taking advantage of your membership the same day you sign-up!

Our Membership Plans

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Virtual Office


Per month

5 Day Pass


Per month

Un-Dedicated Desk


Per month

Dedicated Desk

Starting at


Per month

Private Office

Starting at


Per month

Be productive. Be successful. Be part of something. We create spaces for members who are looking to work, to cowork, to network, and to be part of an inspiring community of like-minded people and professionals. Sure, a “flexible desk” sounds like a work surface that double as a contortionist. Really just means you can post up anywhere, other than the Dedicated Desks.

Pick a desk, any desk – and then make it your own, permanent workspace. Work anywhere in the space, at anytime, but know you’ve got a sizable bit of modern sprawl to call your own. Flush with amenities and 24/7 access, this plan also comes with additional conference room use.

Membership FAQ

Is there a lease or contract

No! PIVOT prides itself on offering all of our membership plans with no lease or contract. You can cancel at anytime with just 30 days notice.

How do i Schedule a tour?

You can schedule a tour by using our online booking software by clicking here; You can also submit a form through the website, call or email 

Can I get 24/7 Access with an un dedicated desk membership

For an additional monthly fee you can add 24/7 access to your membership

Once im a members, how do I access my office?

We use biometric fingerprint entry at all of our workspaces. Our community manager will schedule a time to take your fingerprint and enter it in the system. Alternatively, you may also be issued a key card that can be used to scan and enter your office

Do I have to pay to bring a guest or for those attending a meeting?

All PIVOT members are welcome to invite both business colleagues for any meetings or conferences that you have. However, If you plan to being a business associate or co worker in just to work with you and not for a meeting; That person must purchase a day pass ($20) unless your membership includes guest passes.

Is there a limit to the amount of printing or copies I can make?

Nope! All memberships include unlimited printing and copying. Just another way we make membership to PIVOT as easy and painless as possible.