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Who Uses Co-Working Spaces?

By: Katie Pownall

People from every sector, at every paygrade, have had to figure out how to work around social distancing guidelines, with offices being closed and meetings face-to-face being unable to go ahead. Many of us have come to love our working from home setup, and we will be reluctant to head back to the office! But what if there was a better alternative? One that combines the things we love about working from home, like flexibility and home comforts, with the productiveness of an office? The answer is simple – co-working spaces.


finding middle ground

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Pre-pandemic, most companies had their own office spaces. Most of these have been sat empty for the best part of a year, leading many businesses to query the cost-effectiveness of renting and upkeep of these spaces. While many employees can work well from home, keeping a desk for them in a company office seems futile. Conversely, many employees do miss certain elements of office working, so how do we find a middle ground? For lots of people, co-working is the solution. Co-working spaces provide people with great office space that they can use when they see fit.


An efficient workspace

One of the great things about this shared office space is its efficiency. It is incredibly easy to book the space for just when you need it, meaning you don’t have to pay for it when you are not using it, unlike a traditional office space. Because of this efficiency, co-working spaces are great for entrepreneurs or smaller businesses who have to be clever with how they use their resources. For these people, coming to a co-working space a couple of times a week can be perfect for getting paperwork done, even when they carry out most of their work from home. They do not have to commit to renting office space they only need occasionally, so they save money!

leaving the distractions at home

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Additionally, co-working spaces are fantastic for people who have come to love working from home but sometimes find themselves getting distracted by family or pets. Taking yourself out of the distracting environment for just a few hours a week can really boost productivity. It can also give you the work-life balance that has been so hard to achieve for many of us over the past year.



We believe co-working spaces are the future of the work world. This is for several reasons, one of which being that these shared office spaces are great for almost everyone in employment. Whether you are working part time to cover your college fees, working full time in a multinational corporation, or you’ve just started your own business, co-working spaces can offer you what you need. In their essence they are flexible, meaning you can use them in the way that suits you best. Could co-working spaces be the missing puzzle piece to helping your career?

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