Five Books Every Business Owner Should Read.

Every season presents a new opportunity and a new goal for our business as we enter a newquarter. Changing our mindset can start with the right information and applying it, which is whywe want to present some books to challenge your mind. Even though we can’t host a physicalbook-club, we at PIVOT want to recommend some good reads that will take your business andpersonal life to another level. So, grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable as we highlight someof our favorite reads

"The Richest Man in Babylon" by George S. Clason

For many, making money is the easy part, but managing it is an entirely different skill. As thetitle reveals, the first book selection is a book about money. But the focus of “The Richest Manin Babylon” isn’t solely on how to make money; more importantly, it’s about the principles ofhow to manage it told through parables from Babylonian times. This book is a personal favoriteof mine that I read at least twice a year because it provides proven fundamental principles whenit comes to money that anyone can grasp. One of the principles that the book repeats throughoutis saving 10% of everything you make and always paying yourself first. Whether your businesshad a good year or scarce one, you can certainly take away some practical wisdom and handytips from this book. If you’re a person who likes to listen to books on the go, I highly recommendthe Richest Man’s audiobook in Babylon

"How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie

If we’re honest with ourselves, I think we all would like to do a better job of connecting withpeople. This ability not only helps with our career but also provides benefits in our personal life.Sadly, many of us have lost or never really developed social skills to nurture meaningfulrelationships because of the digital age. It can feel intimidating to make conversation in personinstead of sending an email behind a computer, but these skills are critical to our success as abusiness owner. So, if you need to polish up on those social skills, I recommend the classic book”How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. Published in 1936, Dale Carnegiereveals the secrets of connecting with people by listening attentively to their needs and wants andavoiding things like criticizing, condemning, or complaining to win people’s favor. I find itinteresting how a book written many decades ago can still be relevant and remind us of thesesimple skills that we all possess but rarely act on. “How to Win Friends and Influence People” isa great self-help book from a business and personal perspective

"Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell

If you’re one of those people who like to wrap their heads around how things work, you are probably a fan of Malcolm Gladwell’s books. Malcolm Gladwell’s gift as a writer is to analyze something on a micro-level and study the impact on a macro-level. Each of Malcolm Gladwell’s books has a scientific approach that examines cultural norms and breaks down the history and origin behind them and how they impact all of us in some way. If you need a book that will take your mind for a ride, this is the book for you.

"The Alchemist" by Paul Coelho

We all have a purpose in life, but only a few people recognize it, and even fewer act on it. Ifyou’re a business owner, I don’t have to go into detail about how scary and challenging it is tolaunch a business as you leave the comforts of a 9-5. Even though we all go through differentchallenges in life, the one common goal we share is reaching our personal legend. In TheAlchemist, Santiago leaves his homeland and place of comfort searching for gold treasure, atreasure that was seen in a vision from a gypsy. As Santiago ventures on his journey, he realizesgood fortune early but later on experiences challenges and setbacks that threaten his quest toreach his personal legend. This book is a good reminder of why we take the risk we do and howwe can learn from them. With over 65 million copies sold and translated into 80 differentlanguages, this book only gets better with time. One quote from the book that sums it up isthis ​”When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.

"Failing Forward"​ by John C. MaxwellBusiness and Personal read

Failing is unavoidable, especially if you’re looking to be significant; however, the goal isn’t toavoid failure but to go through it and learn from it. Every failure has a piece of wisdom that wetake from it and apply to our future success if we are mindful and open to it. John C. Maxwellnot only challenges our views on failure but goes deeper as to why we are so fearful of it and how that fear can hinder our success. It’s only natural to want to be successful and avoid failureat all costs, but the secret is our perspective. In the words of John C. Maxwell, “The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response tofailure.” Failing Forward will serve as a personal coach as John C. Maxwell reveals the secretsof the successful.

There you have it, five books that will help you in your business and personal life. If you haveread any of these books or decide to check them out after reading this post, please share it withus! We would love to hear the impact these books have had. Coffee cheers.

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