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How to Create a Workspace that Works

By Tony Logan

We are all uniquely different. We eat differently, live differently, and to no surprise, work differently! Which means the typical workspace may not work for you. One of the pandemic’s silver lining is that it has allowed more workers to work from home or at a local co-working space. So, that means if the small cubicle with the low fluorescent light isn’t your idea of a workspace, you can now use this opportunity to create your own. As we begin this workspace journey, what are some things you should consider? I will breakdown some small but significant details to help you get started.

1.Add green

Let’s face it when you were working from the office; chances are your workspace felt dull and stale. However, you now have the opportunity to transform new energy to where you work. One of the easier ways to do this is by adding plants to your workspace. The first reason is that plants brighten up your workspace. I know a bright and vibrant workspace may seem minor, but a liven workspace has proven to enhance our overall mood. The better our perspective, the more productive we can become to approach and tackle work. No, I know some of you are probably thinking, “I don’t have a green thumb,” but don’t worry, you have options. Plants like Snake plants and aloe plants are low maintenance and are easy to care for. If real plants aren’t your teacup, you also havefake decorative plants that look just as good without the responsibility.

2.Soothing Sounds
Attractive woman sit at desk at home or office workplace typing using laptop wearing wireless headphones listen music, writing e-mail chat with friend. Manager provide support to client via video call

Sometimes it feels good to getaway. To be near the beach and hear the sounds of the ocean as you gaze at the sky. The thought of the ocean’s sounds can put you in a relaxing mood because sounds can be therapeutic. Unfortunately, depending on where you work and how you work, you may not have the luxury of playing sounds while you work in the office. If you’re currently remote, this can be the perfect time to incorporate soothing sounds into your work routine to help you focus. While a playlist of your favorite songs may serve as more of a distraction as we sometimes can get lost in a song, jazz music or instrumentals can provide the same pleasure

3.Stay close to the Wi-Fi

Depending on what kind of work you do, choosing an isolated area may seem like the right choice. Fewer distractions, less noise as you disclude yourself from the world. For some, this place may be in the basement or the attic totally out of the way.However, one factor that you need to consider is how well your Wi-Fi reaches in that area. If the Wi-Fi router is in the living room upstairs, working in the basement across the house may not give you the strongest signal or fastest Wi-Fi speed. Lack of access can affect the quality of your zoom meetings and phone calls while at work. Choosing a “sweet spot” close to the Wi-Fi that will give you privacy is vital in this situation. Your potential workspace may require you to install another router in the house or to use a hotspot.

So, there you have it, a foundation to start building the office of your dreams! Another quick takeawayalways make sure you have enough plug sockets near your work area; an area that has natural light is always ideal, and when possible, work close to a coffee maker to give you the morning boost you need!

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