38 Tools to Enhance Your Productivity.

When it comes to being productive it’s all about having the right tools at your fingertips. To help you achieve your goals we laid out 38 apps to help make work smoother and easier.

Keeping things in order and ranking your list of priorities can quickly eat up your time without structure. Reclaim your time and peace of mind with Trello. Trello allows users to organize team tasks, create different boards for assignments, and projects, and the best part is you can integrate Trello with other apps you may already use. This app is a team player.

Just saying the word Asana makes you feel a little more relaxed, and with its features, it will help ease your workload. What makes Asana standout from the rest is the smooth, easy to use interface. The layout makes it easy to navigate to a different task without getting confused and going down a deep rabbit hole. The app comes equipped with built-in forms, custom templates to create for project assignments, and milestone checkpoints to measure you and your team progress. It’s a great project management app.

Designing and creating code is tedious, which makes security a top priority for protecting your work. Nothing is worse than putting your blood, sweat, and tears into source code to have that code compromised and into the wrong hands. Assembla can update and leave comments on your system directly on the app for other co-workers to review. If that’s not enough, the app even runs an automated code scan to prevent any vulnerabilities before the code is deployed. Crack the code and download Assembla for all your coding needs.

You may still be browsing for the right project management app but still on the fence, with all the different options after while they can seem to become redundant. But, before you throw in the towel, I suggest you try Basecamp. One major pro about Basecamp is that the focus is geared on collaboration, and their features are ingrained in that. With options that allow you to set up schedules, to-do lists, and chat-enabled, it makes communicating efficient and comfortable. The interface is one of the best out of all project management options, and the pricing is simple, with only two options free and paid with a 30-day free trial. It’s simple and straight to the point.

Going back to work from a short weekend may give you the Monday blues, but the Monday app can certainly make it less painful. If you’re familiar with Asana, Monday shouldn’t be a stretch since both are very similar. What separates Monday from Asaana is your preference for how you view templates, assignments, etc and how they are displayed. I think Monday is an easy to use app.

Podio app
Another app that’s great for teams to stay organized and track their work is Podio app. Podio allows you to minimize the need to use multiple systems by integrating one app that does it all. Podio offers a free version that allows up to five employees, and from there is their basic plan that’s $9 a month where you can have unlimited external users.

Taskworld app helps teams to manage and keep track of their work, but unlike the others, it comes with a hefty price tag. This app comes equipped with visual boards, team messaging, and an interactive dashboard.

Smartsheet features customizable sheets and forms and allows you to manage users, groups, and projects from the system Administration feature.

Work Management Tools

Airtable is a spreadsheet, meet database app. Airtable lets you break free from the traditional grid view layout and offers options such as the calendar view and gallery view. Airtable also comes with a database of pre-loaded templates to use for various projects and beautiful designs.

Paymo is a team management app that focuses on task management, time tracking, timesheets reporting, and invoicing. This app comes fully loaded with features that not only help with organization and structure components but also the financial aspect. Unfortunately, there are no free versions of this program, but it offers three price options. The Small Office version is priced at $8.95 a month, The Business Version is priced at $14.25 per month and is designed for larger teams. But before you decide which option is best for you, Paymo does offer a 30-day free trial.

Do you need an app to help automate the process? Then Kissflow is the app for you! Kissflow comes with pre-built project templates. Kissflow has an onboarding employee tracking along with a help desk ticket. With Access Control, you can monitor unauthorized users from accessing confidential fields and data. The plans for Kissflow starts at $480 a month for 30 users.

Team Collaboration and Communication Tools

Slack app
If you ever worked on any team project, online chances are you used or heard of Slack. It’s an app that keeps everyone’s thoughts, ideas, and tasks all under wraps in one app. If you use to navigate group chats, then Slack should super easy transitions but just more features to play with. For small teams, Slacks standard version is priced at $6.07 a month, and their plus version is $12.50 for larger businesses.

We all need a little more room when it comes to storage, and Dropbox helps with that. If you’re a photographer or videographer, I’m sure you use or heard of Dropbox before. This storage app houses all of your large files safely and makes it easy to share with other when needed. Dropbox backs up all files that are uploaded and removes data remotely from lost and stole devices. If you’re looking to clear up space on your SD card or hard drive, consider Dropbox

Before video calling was considered cool and hip Skype was at the forefront. Skype allows you to make video calls from your phone and devices with one click of a button. Skype also allows you to hold virtual meetings and chat on the app. One of the pioneers of the game Skype is an essential app to have.

Zoom is an app that single handily keeping everything together as we all navigate Covid-19. In case you’ve been under a rock and aren’t familiar with Zoom, it’s a virtual video app that allows you to host virtual meetings with family members, friends, and co-workers. Aside from pandemics, Zoom is still necessary to have, primarily If you work remotely.

Have a problem managing cash flow? Float can be the solution to your business needs. Float gives you a clear, precise view of what’s going on with your business cash and takes the guessing out of it. The app provides a cash flow forecast and sums to your accounting software while pulling information from your bank account. It’s safe to say this app is worth every penny.

Join Me
Another great option to host your virtual meetings is Join Me. Join Me allows users to video conference and has a whiteboard option for jot-down notes in real-time. If that’s not cool enough, Join Me also has a presenter swap feature that allows you to switch presenters during a presentation. With virtual meetings become more vital to how we do business, Join Me is here to help and serve.

Microsoft Team
Microsoft Team is a central hub for team members to come together and work. The app allows team members to host meetings, share conversations, and manage team projects. Truly a one-stop-shop, but then again, that’s usually how Microsoft products are designed.

Productivity and Reporting Tools

Need a place to write down your thoughts and ideas? Then Evernote is the app you need. Evernote allows users to document their work and add audio, and pictures to docs and keeps it saved in stored in one place.

Focus Booster
Can we all use more focus? Of course. With every app fighting for our attention, I’m happy to see that Focus Booster is an app we should be paying attention to. Focus Booster helps users keep track of recording time to review and improve our productivity. In the dashboard, Focus Booster provides a visual dashboard to help us see and monitor our progress. If you need an accountability partner, this app can help with that. Once you set the goals you want to achieve, Focus Booster provides insight into how much time you dedicated to each goal.

If organization isn’t your strong suit and you need assistance, no worries theirs an app for that. To do list is an app that’s here to help organize your worked life.

Weekdone is an app that helps team members plan their weekly tasks. The app has a dashboard to give you an overview of long-term goals and your progress. The app also enables you to stay up to date with your team’s weekly plans and activities. Week done has a free version for its users and then upgrades to a $9 a month for 4-16 users.

Do you remember writing out your ideas and visually brainstorming in school? Come to find out there are huge benefits to writing and mapping out our thoughts and there’s an app for that. Mindmeister is an online mind mapping tool that helps capture, organize, and share your ideas. The cool part is that with this app, you can use it to collaborate with others from anywhere! Mindmeister has a free version that comes with three mind maps. An upgrade version starts at $4.99 per month.

Sometimes we have to tune out the noise and have the right noise to get the juices flowing. With Noisli it provides a good kind of noise, noise that helps us be productive. Noisli comes with different sounds you can match with to create the perfect sound environment. The Noise app comes with 28 high-quality background sounds that you can play individually or combine. If picking sounds sound like a challenge, the app also comes with a curated playlist. How do you like the sound of that? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

I Done This
If you need a quick, easy way to tell your teammates you done something? Get the app that says it, “I Done This.” I Done This is a collaborative app that tracks teams progress on what they done and provides robust reports that provide a high-level overview of your whole team and organization progress. Get things done by downloading ‘I Done This.’

Time Management Apps

Rescue Time
Rescue and restore your time with the app Rescue Time. It’s no secret that scrolling online can sometimes lead us down a rabbit hole that we never intended. Rescue Time provides a solution by automatically tracking time that we spend on our mobile devices by allowing us to set and track goals for screen time. Time Management will help you build better habits to more productive with it tools.

One app that won’t take time to learn is Toogle, thanks to its easy-to-use interface. Toogle is a time tracking app that can be used both online and offline and from an app or desktop. With the click of the “start” button, the app begins to track your time and ends once you click the “stop” button. It’s that easy.

While working remotely, it can be hard to keep up with the day of the week. Every day that doesn’t start with “F” seems the same, but Doodle is here to help you keep your days on track. Doodles is an app to help you create events, schedule meetings and book appointments. One cool feature that Doodle provides is the “Meet Me” feature that allows others to see what days and times you are free by sharing your calendar with theirs. Once someone selects a timeslot you will be noticed. That’s planning made easy.

Scheduling Zoom meetings back to back can get tricky and hard to keep track of if you’re just relying on a traditional calendar. Luckily, we can work from a smart calendar because of technology, and Calendly is one of them. Calendly can connect with up to six of your calendars to automatically check availability and connect with your best contacts, prospects, and clients. The app has features that include daily limits where you can cap the number of meetings per day and add buffers between events and team pages to keep a schedule with your team. Upgrade your planner with Calendly.

An app that does it all Accelo is an app that comes fully loaded and equipped. Accelo is an app that offers projects managements, time tracking, task management, and budget and expense management. The app offers a 4-day trial and then starts at $39 per month.

Worldtime Buddy
Time is everything, and how we make it determines if we get anything done. World time Buddy is a world clock, a time zone converter, and an online meeting scheduler. World Time Buddy is an app that convenient to have while traveling to compare and glance at different time zoons. Upgrade your clock to a global watch with this app.

Other Remote Tools

While we talked about apps to increase productivity, have you considered designing or building an app? Don’t worry; there’s an app for that. Github allows users to build an app that will enable you to automate and improve workflow. Build the app of your dreams with Github.

While Covid-19 has everyone working at home or remote, the million-dollar question is, how can we still connect? Through an app of course like Workfrom. So how does it work? Work allows you to connect with others who are working remotely nearby. Through the app, you can attend virtual workshops, and have video coffee breaks with co-workers and users. While things are still temporarily closed, it’s cool that we can still connect with friends and other users nearby through this app while social distancing.

Last Pass
How many times have you changed your password only to forget and reset it 20 minutes later? I might be the only one, but with Last Pass, that’s no longer an issue. Last Pass is a program that’s a password manager that handles creating and filling in passwords, so you don’t have to. Once you log into your account for the first time, Last Pass will store your username and password that will fill-in automatically next time you login in. Thanks to Last Pass, your last password will be the last password you have to remember.

1 Pass
If you need another option for your password back up’s, 1 Pass may be an app worth considering. Protect and organize your data and passwords with 1 Pass.

Get work done together under one hub with Proofhub. Managers Poofhub allows managers to oversee teams and projects, and clients have a login that brings up everything that pertains to them. Proofhub has an “Essential” option for $45 per month or an “Ultimate Control” option for $89 a month.

Grammar is a big issue, and it can be the difference between landing a job interview or getting overlooked due to bad syntax. Trust me; it matters, but thanks to Grammarly, bad grammar is a thing of the past thanks to their editing and proofreading software. Grammarly helps edit your papers and post but suggestion corrections, and with the upgrade version, you can get feedback from an editor. Never second guess an email or paper again with Grammarly.

Pivotal Tracker
Managing and keeping track of things is pivotal, which is why Pivotal Tracker comes in handy. Pivot Track Supports an agile workflow and provides structure to facilitate team communication and collaboration.


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