Why Faith is Connected to Our Lives

Whether you’re religious or not, we all have faith. Every day we put our faith in our favorite cafe to make our favorite coffee just right, we have faith in our bank accounts to securely keep our money, and every year we have faith(sometimes misplaced) that the new iPhone will be better than the last. Faith can be as deep or as shallow as you want it to be, but it’s one thing to have it, and it’s another thing to know the importance of it.

Faith can do amazing and groundbreaking things, but at its core, faith does three simple things. Faith, before anything else, can help us see what’s possible. It can then help us plan and prepare for a better future. And it can help us connect with the right people. If you don’t believe me, have a little faith, and find out more.


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It’s hard to really see what’s possible without an imagination. Our imagination allows us to create things, places, and sometimes even people in the way we want and desire. From our imagination, we can then put those things in action, but todo that, we must have faith to start that process. Faith, at its core, helps us envision something that’s not reality yet, but is already set in our hearts and mind.
Once we have that vision, faith is the gas that drives us in making it possible. I know we have all heard the scripture “Faith without work is dead,” it’s one scripture that is as straight-forward as it gets. However, this scripture is important because it’s based on a distinct principal. No matter how big and strong your faith is, without work, action, or movement that supports it, that idea is dead.
By acting on faith, we’re able to see what’s possible and make it possible through the work we put in. With faith, we can create the possibility, whether it’s a job position, starting a new business, or a family.


Coworking Maryland
Once we establish faith in something, our mindset and belief are all in! This is important because once we’re all in on something we are willing to go to great lengths forit to become reality. Anyone that has accomplished something great started with the same belief as everyone else, the only difference is that they stuck with it and were willing to go the extra mile to realize it. This capability and discipline can only come from those who are so convinced and driven by their vision that they are willing to do anything to make that thing possible. It can be putting in extra hours at a new start-up, practicing and rehearsing with your kids to help prepare them for a try-out, or going back to school for higher education.
All these things may require us to stretch ourselves in different areas of our life that the average person may not be willing to do. This isn’t a knock against anyone, but they may simply not be sold on the vision the same way you are. By committing to the vision, you know you have the belief and fuel to go that extra mile than those who don’t have the faith to see it through. Faith is a powerful thing, almost like a shot of espresso for the soul that keeps us going when times
get tough.


Coworking Maryland
Have you ever been in a room or arena where everyone is rooting or cheering for one person, one team, or band? It’s magical because you feel an energy that’s more powerful than when you have that experience alone, and that’s because you found your core group. Faith is amazing when you’re alone, but it can be incredibly powerful when you’re with a group of people.
Faith may start with an individual when they start a new journey in their life, but there’s a time when faith eventually leads you to the right people that will help amplify it. If you’re a new entrepreneur and you, and your friends and colleagues have worked a 9-5, you’re going to feel a different energy when you attend your first entrepreneur conference or workshop. Why? Because you’re in a room with people who have the same faith as you, they also believe in following their beliefs to become a successful entrepreneur! The same can be true if you join a group for single parents for play dates if you’re a single parent. There’s something amazing when you have a group that you can not only identify with but can relate to. I must forewarn you, just like faith can connect you with the right people, it can also detach and separate you from the wrong ones.
Surrounding yourself with people who don’t understand or support your goal can feel uncomfortable as you pursue what’s in your heart. Leaving comfort and stability takes a huge amount of faith, that makes believing challenging because it’s something that still hasn’t manifested in the physical. However, when you surround yourself with people who understand what that journey looks like, it can feel gratifying and possible. Now that we have a better understanding of faith, I dare you to have the faith to act on it.
As I stated at the beginning, faith isn’t solely a Christian thing, we all have faith in different things in our lives. What separates our faith from others is how deep we are willing to go to understand it so we can get the most from it. I hope this post helps jumpstart your faith!

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