Why should I Care About 3D Printing?

Well, let me ask you this.

If the handle on your dresser were to break, and all you had to do to fix it was to go into your office or room in your house and print a new one, wouldn’t that be awesome?

We think so. And we think this is a large part of the continued ‘Smart Home’ transition that will be happening this century. Although 3D Printing is fairly common now in most industrial & production facilities, where 3D printers can be larger than an over-sized home refrigerator, consumer based 3D Printing, or those of us using a printer in our homes in nearly nonexistent.

The folks who do have a 3D Printer in their home are at this point, for the most part, using them more for enjoyment or as a hobby than for an actual beneficial use. You can visit https://www.thingiverse.com/ to view 100,000’s of different objects, products & items that people from all over the world have created. Although there are many useful, purpose driven items available to print, you will notice many of them are more ‘cool’ and for entertainment, not true use.

Recently, however, in particular with the Covis-19 ‘Pandemic’ that swept the nation, we have seen one of the first true large scale use of consumer based 3D Printers for a useful and purpose driven use. Machine owners from all over the Country and World went to work producing Face Masks & Face Guards for members of their local Health Care & Residential communities. This is a prime example of true potential of this technology and where it will most likely be heading in the coming years. This will be a shift from the use of 3D Printers at home mostly by ‘Hobbyists’ to everyday consumers, to solve everyday problems.

So let’s take a step back for a moment to the handle on your dresser.

Imagine it’s 2025, the handle on your dresser just broke (I know, it sucks)
You take the broken handle and go into your home office or room where your 3D Printer is.
You visit the furniture manufacturers website, download the file for the handle for your particular dresser, send it to the printer to print and, Walah! You have your new handle without ever having to leave the house or call customer support!

This is the future of 3D Printing. Everyday consumer solving everyday problems. And its getting closer than you may think!

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